RUBiQ Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015

RUBiQ Quality management capability is fully aligned to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and supports a truly risk based approach to Enterprise Quality Management.

Why implement ISO 9001:2015 into your organisation?

The benefits of an effective implementation of the standard can be significant on their own, when supported by an automated electronic management system fully aligned to the standard one can effectively change the culture of your company to one that is holistically customer centric throughout the company’s entire value chain.  This will ultimately lead to valuable return on your investment such as:

Sustainable improvement of your credibility and reputation – Use of the RUBiQ system establishes an integrated monitored process for continual improvement, thus allowing you to respond far more quickly to issues and incidents that can be highly damaging to your reputation and often result in loss of valuable customers.  RUBiQ alerts key decision makers to such incidents allowing rapid decision making and intervention to ensure long and sustainable relationships with hard won customers.

Improvement of customer satisfaction – RUBiQ supports the ability to drive a far more proactive strategy within the business vs the consistent reactive crisis management that tends to happen in most companies.

Significantly improved process integration – RUBiQ embeds a full and comprehensive approach to identification of risk within all business processes, so as to make significant improvement to process integration and management.

Enhanced understanding of where key risks lie in throughout your company – Through keen business intelligence, RUBiQ will enable early warning indicators with notification escalations to decision makers as the risk profile changes and new risks emerge.

Creation of a continual improvement culture – Due to the unique nature of the proprietary Integrated Information Framework, built into RUBiQ, management is consistently kept informed of weakness in the Enterprise Quality Management, thus enabling informed decision making for appropriate improvement.

Improved engagement of employees is meeting objectives and targets – RUBiQ supports a well structure, awareness, training and performance improvement process, thus developing a culture within your employees that is engrained with your quality principles in all that they do.  RUBiQ, effectively implemented will improve overall employee effectiveness and efficiency.

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