RUBiQ Enterprise Risk

Most companies generally assess risk in silos, with little or no integration between risk areas, often creating more risk and potential for things to go wrong and slip through the cracks. Generally, this process creates a significant dependency on spreadsheets and manual efforts to maintain relevant and current data.  This tends to contribute to the inability to centralize risk data across business lines and support management informed decision making.  Thus, in actual fact contributing to increased risk due to fragmentation of information, out of date data, over worked employees and inability to prioritize action, due to lack of informed knowledge on top risk issues most significantly impacting business objectives.

RUBiQ Helps to Connect the Dots…

Using RUBiQ Enterprise Risk Capability, a company is quickly empowered to develop an integrated approach to management of Risk throughout its business lines to streamline the information gathering process and support informed, timely decision making that is aligned to the attainment of business objectives.

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