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The Speed of Disruptive Innovation

You might know that feeling when, as the CEO of a business, you wake up one morning to find that your competition has taken away all of your business. One moment you are king of your industry, and then the next moment you have lost all your clientele by one means or another. It is […]

Disruptive Innovation – A Primer

Disruptive Innovation. It certainly is a hot topic for business owners, especially since the economy took a dive and business owners have to protect their companies from the competition now more than ever before. But what is disruptive innovation really and how does it affect the marketplace and, more importantly, your company? Let’s Start At […]

Information Security – Still a Grudge Purchase?

Information security, both in implementation and maintenance, is considered a grudge purchase by quite a few companies. After all, you have an antivirus program running, which, hopefully, you also update. Maybe you have a separate program to catch any of the other types of malware that could infest your network and steal your valuable information […]

Having Policy and Procedure In Place Is Not Enough

In our previous article, we touched on how policy and procedure can help you to retain customers. If your employees know exactly how to go about their work, then your company will be a well-oiled machine, one that your customers will stick with when faced with your competition. We also mentioned that having a clear […]

How Policy and Procedure Can Help You Retain Customers

Losing a customer is easy. Modern customers are not easy to please and a less forgiving person would call them fickle. Unless you own a total monopoly in a sector, they can just as easily find someone else who will make them happy. Countless business owners find this out sooner or later – much to […]

Get Ahead of Disruption or Get Run Over By It

“Whatever has been done can be outdone.” – Gordon Moore No matter the type of business you are in, you will face competition. Some rivalries can be good for a business but that is only until the opposition is leaner, tougher and improves a product or service far beyond your own. Many businesses fold in the […]