As RUBIQ is an Enterprise Business Management tool, comprising many different business components, RUBIQ can be used by just about anyone in the organisation, right from the CEO, their executive team and the Board, on the Strategy and Performance Monitoring Modules all the way through to, Business Continuity Managers, Risk Facilitators, Compliance Managers, Internal Audit, Business Line Managers, HSE professionals, Insurance Managers and Claims Administrators, Project and Portfolio Managers, Facilities Managers, Security Staff, HR and Industrial Relations Staff, Company Secretary, Legal Advisors, Suppliers in your Supply Chain, Issue and Change Management Staff, Marketing & PR, and every single staff member in your business that needs to know and understand and apply effectively, your policy and procedure.

RUBIQ currently comprises the following individual components (Functional Screens) covering a vast array of business management requirements:

  1. Strategy & Integrated Business management workflow,
  2. Risk Evaluation & Assessment, (ISO 31000),
  3. Governance, (King 111 New Companies Act)
  4. Policy and procedure management, testing & assessment, live business process management and automation.
  5. Supply Chain Management ISO 28000 & Customer satisfaction ISO 9004/2009,
  6. Quality management ISO 9001/2008,
  7. Risk based Programmes and project management,
  8. Compliance Assessment, Live Compliance Workflow (Standards and Legislation, Compliance protocols covering Environmental, Assets, Quality, IT, Supply Chain, BCM, Facilities Management, Labour, Health and Safety – All driven by automated workflow with escalations and notifications),
  9. Audit, (Risk Based Integrated Audit)
  10. Internal Controls Management,
  11. Incidents, (Loss recording, Case management, Corrective & Preventative Action Handling, Action Plan track and trace compliance monitoring)
  12. Enterprise change management,
  13. Record and document management,
  14. Enterprise Assets management,
  15. Insurance portfolio and claims administration,
  16. Forensics and Fraud Case Management (iBase, Analyst Notebook interface)
  17. Occupational Health and Safety Administration and Management (OHS Act 85 OSHA ISO 18001),
  18. Business Continuity and Crisis Management (ISO 22301),
  19. Supply Chain Risk Management (ISO 28000)
  20. IT Risk Management (ITiL, CoBiT, ISO 27000)
  21. Performance Monitoring and Measuring – Monitor all indicators relevant to the attainment of your objectives, vision and goals.
  22. Social Media Business Intelligence Monitoring – Track digital media performance, continuous SWOT analysis on your market, competitors, customer needs, brand and reputation.
  23. Corrective and Preventative Action & Task Management – Close all gaps, ensure improved conditions.