Guideline BizTechIn a nutshell we provide you with a highly practical and genuinely, easy workable business management aid, with no marketing frills, no PR bells and whistles and no empty sales promises.
Our software tells you whether you are doing what you need to be doing to achieve your objectives as planned or you are not, simple as that.  Per your agreed strategy are you getting it right or aren’t you?

RUBiQ takes the hassle out of Enterprise Business Management, in a real and practical way that is meaningful and aligned to how you need to do business.  Taking into account the environment around you, your strategy, and your products your services, your customers, and your staff.

RUBiQ provides a single cost effective platform for compliance to any International Standard, as well as providing a best practice approach to simple implementation of a sound GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), enterprise wide framework, allowing real eradication of the silos within your business, while providing meaningful integrated reporting.

Contact our sales staff today and switch on one of the most powerful tools your business can own.