Guideline BizTech is able to offer a truly functionality rich business management aid that ensures real value add thereby guaranteeing real and quick ROI, at all levels of the business versus more traditional risk and compliance focused systems that tend to be static and bring minimal value add to the bottom line.

Many years of collective collaboration and contribution by BizTech staff and  clients and leading experts has resulted in the RUBIQ Business Management system, where careful study was conducted around what was truly needed and wanted by a client in an Enterprise Business Management system that was not being achieved in the traditional Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) systems that were heavily driven by the Basel II requirements, or the siloed focus on Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality risks, which as we have seen by the recent worldwide economic collapse, have not been truly successful in the job for which they were intended, costing organisations vast wastage in time and money.

RUBIQ offers the next generation in a comprehensive business management tool that is quick and dynamic in its response to the rapidly changing environment that we live in today.  The simple fact of how RUBIQ focuses on Executive Strategy in the way that it does and what may get in the way of achievement of that strategy gives clear indication that it is a solution which is set to be a leader in its class.

RUBIQ has been designed to be implemented quickly, resulting in rapid quick wins so that the benefit is seen by all and the difference is observable on the bottom line in a short amount of time, if the RUBIQ implementation strategy is followed.  We don’t believe in lengthy roll out projects that sometimes can take years for the organisation to derive some value, and often the system can land up being out-dated before it has even had a chance to go live.

RUBIQ is the only system on the market that is implemented by a full and comprehensive, step by step clearly defined strategy designed to prepare the organisation on an effective gradient basis for the necessary change so as to guarantee success, through full user adoption. The project management of this strategy is guided by leading project methodology, Prince 2©.  This strategy allows for critical transference of knowledge to smart users and efficient resellers of the RUBiQ solution, enabling the rapid implementation that is so needed and wanted in today’s fast moving world.

A segment of current competitive products evaluated against RUBIQ:  (GRC, Information and quality management systems, HS&E and performance management systems are covered in this review)

RUBIQ Strengths Common omissions in competitive products that we have rectified
  • Vast array of rich functionality – more than 20 components vs on average 5 – 10 covered by competitors.
  • Excellent user adoption by those users tasked with real management of the day to day business activities.
  • Highly user friendly (large user bases (in the 1000’s in most installed sites), excellent business unit owner adoption of the system, business unit managers find the interface user friendly and NOT Time Consuming to contribute information.  This leads to entrenched Governance, Risk and Compliance that is relevant to what the business is doing and where the business is intending to go, vs  a siloed focus bringing little value add to the bottom line.
  • RUBIQ significantly adds to the bottom line by aligning strategy (goals and objectives, values, policy and procedure) and operational activity. (A unique approach vs the true functionality of other products).
  • Both local and international support.
  • Worldwide support 24/7/365 covering most countries and most languages.
  • Support teams (more than 100 strong) that are well versed in local legislation, regulation and standards with professional backgrounds in business strategy, process engineering and design, risk, governance, compliance and audit.
  • Used by Government as well as medium to very large organisations.
  • RUBIQ has excellent scalability for a business of ANY size or industry.
  • Large content libraries maintained and updated on leading and best practice.
  • Excellent Reporting at both top, middle and lower levels of the company.
  • Continuous compliance and management workflow with escalations and notifications and alerts.
  • Covers more functionality needed by business than any other GRC or Business Management System on the Market.
  • Growing market penetration.
  • Highly cost effective customisation and configuration ability to your company. RUBIQ adapts to the way you do business and aids in improvement vs fit your company to a piece of software and “Hope it works out ok”.
  • Excellent 3rd party integration to most systems. Excellent data integration.
  • Reported to be very interactive and dynamic as a solution, truly aids the management process.
  • RUBIQ has a built in gradient, stepped process which drives  “Culture Change” in the organisation, through entrenchment and compliance to the Organisations Ethics, values, goals, objectives, policy and procedure.
  • Eradicates the need for expensive external expertise to help implement the software.
  • Reported to be weak in reporting real value information.
  • Reported weak after sales support.  Little or no support or cost of after sales support very high.
  • Very high cost of customisation (you have to make fit the generic version otherwise costs run away with you).
  • Short life span of the product before something else is looked to as an improvement, leads to great wastage of valuable time and money.
  • Great sales pitch, in PowerPoint the product could do everything.  Post sales the product falls short of promises.
  • Poor user adoption (A few high level users no or little use of the system by business unit owners, who are the risk owner on a day to day basis).
  • Covers only risk assessment, compliance, incident recording, Surveys (which is less than one third of the RUBIQ functional scope).  This leads to costly investment in other products for Business Continuity, Claim and Insurance Management, Crisis Management, Document and Policy Management etc. Furthermore very expensive projects now need to be initiated to integrate these siloed and separate systems vs RUBIQ which is already integrated across the 20 components.
  • Often reported to be very static as a solution. Once the data goes in there is little value for it as it comes out in reports leading to little observed impact and improved change in the organisation.  Thereby receiving little interest by management and the Board.
  • Predominately risk assessment tools, using complex methodologies that loose the critical risk owner and appointed accountable person’s interest.  This tends to then lead to costly “Culture Change” projects in the organisation vs RUBIQ which has a built in gradient to “Culture Change”
  • Often the products are focused towards facilitators of risk and compliance and therefore do not get deep level, across the organisation user adoption, leading to lack of business buy in and little ROI.
  • Highly costly to customise.
  • Certain products evaluated do not allow customisation at all, you take it as it comes and just have to make it fit.  This often leads to very costly failed software projects.  One of the biggest Challenges faced by most companies is “Failed Software Projects”
  • The Number One complaint reported – users found the software to be very static as a solution, bringing little value add.
  • Limitations on effective support, particularly around the subject matter and local understanding of legislation and applicable standards and requirements. Support in this regard therefore becomes costly as expensive expertise is brought in to help derive value from the poorly implemented software.