Guideline BizTech

BizTech is an innovative cloud technology company with a long standing reputation of meeting and exceeding customer requirements.  BizTech takes pride in the fact that we live by our own system. We believe in “Walking the Talk” so to speak.  The RUBIQ technology is the BizTech enterprise GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) business management system that we use, internally within BizTech, to address our strategy and drive the attainment of our objectives and performance targets.  All our risk, governance, compliance, performance measurement and quality management, including our customer satisfaction and service desk are run through our RUBIQ solution with integration to our finance system, HR system and code version control system. This enables us to seamlessly manage every aspect and activity of BizTech in a simple, transparent and effective manner.

We have always excelled in listening to our customer’s needs and wants and then delivering exactly what’s needed.  This approach is strictly maintained in our efforts to improve customer satisfaction.  ISO 9001 quality management is integrated into RUBIQ as part of our solution and as a method of ensuring our technology’s leadership in the marketplace.

Through our continuous customer satisfaction monitoring programmes and the internal use of our own technology for BizTech business management we are able to bring exceptional realistic, workable and proven practical business management functionality to the business of today, covering strategy, performance, risk, governance, compliance, quality, policy, processes , document and record management and more, all of which  is tailored to be relevant and meaningful to your exact business needs and wants.

We understand that a piece of software is just a tool, there to support and drive your business management requirements, this is why our platform and supporting framework within the RUBIQ software is highly flexible and adaptable to the way that you do business.

The cost effective level of configurability of our solution makes it utterly unique and in a class of its own as a software solution. This is accomplished due to an exceptional blend of the client’s expressed need for the best “out of the box best practice” combined with  the flexibility of custom bespoke software.

Every business is unique and although there is a lot of commonality required in standards around enterprise business management, we know you need that stamp of individuality that is relevant and important to your business alone.

By choosing the RUBIQ application, this is exactly what you will get.  This is the BizTech commitment to you, our valued client.

RubiQ Vertical Solution Focus